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The Hythe isn't a 'problem' to 'solve'. But with the right people around the table we can certainly accelerate regeneration. Robert, advisor to Hythe Forward

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Can you help steer Hythe Forward to success?

The success of any CLT is down to the combined efforts of local people. Being a board member is only one way to lend your support, so there’s no need to wait for the next election!

There are a variety of upcoming projects which might take your interest. We have board members planning community events and others focussing on building a Hythe Forward business network. There are even opportunities for green fingered volunteers to help improve the quality of public space.

Also on the horizon is a CLT share issue. This will allow any resident of Colchester Borough to become a member by purchasing a share for a nominal fee. Members will not need to get involved in strategy and policy, but they will be entitled to vote on all significant decisions. In this way Hythe Forward will become an ever stronger, democratic voice.

For more information, contact Cyril Thomas on 01206 700 065 or Alistair Heron on 01206 244757. Alternatively, you can email us at

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