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I'm determined to make sure that my business is at the centre of a thriving community. We need to make this place a 'magnet'. Bill. Hythe business owner.

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There are around 150 CLT’s throughout the UK. Each operates differently in response to local priorities.

Click here to read about what similar groups have achieved around the country. Perhaps the key characteristic of a CLT is the legal power to control assets, land and buildings, to generate income to be ploughed back into local regeneration.

Community land trusts have a long and distinguished history of transforming neighbourhoods of all types. Since the movement expanded from the US and took root in the UK in the early 2000’s, CLT’s have taken on a variety of projects including delivering house-building programmes, creating social enterprises, managing commercial units and revitalising public space.

CLT’s are completely transparent. They are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and adhere to strict rules governing the way that meetings are run, directors elected and members given a say over major decisions.

Coldock - photo by Jason Cobb

But why the Hythe?

Listening closely to local opinion, Hythe Forward directors believe that there is a real challenge to be met. Although the Hythe has many strengths including a strong industrial heritage, a rich ecology and a riverside location, it has yet to establish a fresh identity since its maritime freight industry declined.

Add to the mix our area’s fragmented land ownership and other barriers to private investment, and Hythe Forward meets a real need by bringing together the people who live, work and own assets on the Hythe. With the independence of your community land trust protected by its constitution, we nevertheless work in tandem with government and other agencies where appropriate.

Hythe Forward was originally the brainchild of Alistair Heron (Colne Housing). Working alongside experienced consultant Robert Ashton, they secured start up funding and identified the people required to establish a strong first board of directors. Further technical assistance came from a range of other partners.

This is only the first chapter and the real key players will be the board and membership of Hythe Forward. Could you be one? If you\'re interested, call Alistair on 01206 244757 or at